Your Questions
You have questions or need more details, this FAQ is here to answer you 😉

The most frequent questions

What documents are needed to create my file?

In order to create your file, to live in our houses, we ask you to provide us :

  • A valid identity document
  • Your signed employment contract
  • Your last 3 pay slips

NB: If you do not have a pay slip yet, the contract will suffice to create your file as long as it is signed and sealed by the company

  • A bank account number
  • A GarantMe eligibility certificate

NB : To test your GarantMe eligibility, you can follow this link

How to integrate a home?

When a place is available, we organize a call with the candidates to validate their motivation, that they correspond well to the BeeLive spirit and their solvency. Then, a meeting with some residents is organized by video or directly at home. At the end of this meeting, the Beelivers and you tell us your feelings within 24 hours. If everything is good (it is obvious), you integrate the house!

How does the waiting list work?

To join a house on the waiting list you must wait for a place to become available and stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter by clicking here.

Are pets allowed in the houses?

Unfortunately your little fur balls will not be able to live with you in our homes.


Are there any agency fees?

We are not a real estate agency but a Coliving operator. So, no! There are no agency fees!

Are all rooms the same price?

The price of the rooms varies depending on the houses you wish to live in. However, the rent is the same for each room in a house.

Are all the rooms the same size?

We renovate all BeeLive homes so room sizes vary. Each home is different and so are the spaces. Rooms can range from 12.5m² to 15m² but some can be larger!

What is GarantMe?

GarantMe is a private guarantor.
You subscribe to the guarantee which is equal to 3,5% of the rent (~20€/month), you are covered and so are we!

Do I need home insurance?

When you sign your lease with BeeLive, you automatically contract a home insurance!

What type of lease is signed at Beelive?

It is a classic lease of furnished rental for a duration of 1 year and with a preavi of 1 month.

Do I have to pay the housing tax?

Yes, like all housing, the houses are subject to the housing tax.
Don’t worry, we will take care of everything! When this one will have to be paid, we will take care of the equitable repartition between each tenant.

Can I receive aid from the CAF?

Absolutely, all rooms are eligible for CAF aid.
Do not hesitate to visit their website to simulate the amount of your aid!

Is there a minimum stay?

Legally there is no minimum duration imposed. However, at BeeLive we consider that a minimum of 6 months is necessary to create links and to live fully the experience of affinity coliving.

Are the houses well secured?

Security is a very important point for us and one on which we put a point of honor!

Each house is secured by a digicode on the outside door, the front door and any other outside access. Moreover, all rooms are equipped with code locks.

Are the bathroom and toilets shared?

In the houses each resident has his own bathroom and toilet! This way privacy is preserved!
Moreover, in the common areas a toilet is available.

If I arrive during the month, do I have to pay for the whole month?

No, if you arrive in a house during the month, a weekly prorata will be made. For example, if you arrive in the second week of the month, you will only pay for 3 weeks.
You will be asked to pay a full month’s rent in addition to your first month’s rent as a deposit.

How to apply?

Nothing could be simpler, if you want to be part of the adventure you just have to click on the “Join” button, on the top right of your screen, and fill in the form.

The concept of BeeLive

What is affinity coliving?

Coliving is a mixture of hotel, shared accommodation and service residence with a strong community aspect. This concept brings together people with the same values in breathtaking homes where many services are provided to make community life even more enjoyable.

What are the advantages of coliving?

Coliving has many advantages.

You meet new people and live in incredible spaces adapted to communal living with services! In addition to sharing a house, you create real friendships and live an extraordinary experience!

In addition, as a BeeLiver you benefit from many economic advantages with our partners!

Finally, many internationals live in our houses, which allows you to discover new languages and cultures!

What is the profile of our BeeLivers residents?
They are young professionals between 21 and 35 years old, with an average age of 28 in our houses.
How many people live in the houses?
Between 10 and 20 people live in the houses. This varies according to the size of each house!
What are the events organized?

Afin de faire vivre une expérience unique à nos BeeLivers nous organisons différents évènements.

Nous organisons des afterworks par exemple, des petites soirées et essayons de leur faire découvrir un maximum la région dans laquelle sont situées nos maisons.

Il ne faut pas oublier que vous êtes chez vous, mais c’est vous qui créer votre propre expérience !

Where are our homes located?

The houses are a maximum of 5 minutes’ walk from public transport, in the town centre, to be as close as possible to shops and amenities.

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