Together, let’s shape the future of shared housing!

Coliving by BeeLive

Coliving is undeniably the future of residential investment. BeeLive, a pioneer of coliving in Clermont-Ferrand, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, offers a network of large shared houses where young working people live together. Our approach to coliving is to offer an exceptional living experience based on sharing and discovery, in spacious, fully-equipped houses designed for community living and responsible consumption. Through street art, we encourage the transmission of values by promoting local artists.

Living room Maison Montefrrand
BeeLivers community
Maison Gaillard living room with view of the kitchen
BeeLivers Montferrand community

Our expertise

Real estate is evolving towards the socially and ecologically responsible renovation and densification of urban centers. Our aim is to renovate houses, apartment blocks and large apartments in coliving. Thanks to our expertise, we can support you throughout the entire project cycle:

  • Property selection or analysis
  • Design and renovation
  • Furnishing and decoration
  • Operation

Your project

We take charge of the overall management of your project, guaranteeing you a turnkey financial return. Coliving, often associated with shared accommodation, is actually a crossroads between a house, a hotel, a shared apartment and a serviced residence. Whether you’re an investor or an owner, we can help you develop your project on a personalized basis, accompanying you throughout the entire cycle. We currently operate in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, in Clermont-Ferrand, and are expanding our business in Lyon.

With BeeLive, you can invest in turnkey residential real estate that’s sustainable and adapted to new lifestyles. Look to the future with Coliving by BeeLive!



House renovation

Rooms available soon

What are the advantages of Coliving by BeeLive?


In a tight rental environment, coliving is unquestionably the residential investment of the future.

Added value

Coliving represents an opportunity to optimize the profitability of your real estate assets and increase their resale value.


Our turnkey service ensures occupancy of the homes and handles all aspects of rental management. We’re the main point of contact for residents, and we take care of everything!


We turn m² into a living experience. From acquisition to rental management, design, renovation, furnishing and decoration. BeeLive will be your privileged partner throughout the entire project cycle.

Project cycle

Investment project definition

Work and renovation

Target property search or analysis of existing project

Furnishing and decoration

Project approval

Turnkey rental management


BeeLivers who lived with us …

BeeLivers Montferrand community
Maison Montferrand wine cellar
Maison Gaillard living room with view of the kitchen
Livingroom Maison Montferrand
Maison Gaillard's dining room
Aperitif with residents of Maison Gaillard
BeeLivers Maison Montferrand
BeeLivers community