What is Coliving?

Colivingis an incredible way of living together in dream homes, sharing common values such as open-mindedness, discovery and life experience. Coliving is a new way of living in shared accommodation, in spaces designed for living with people who want to meet new people!

After spending several years abroad, in Northern Europe and Latin America, we were convinced by this way of life and created BeeLive. Our aim is to pass on this unique experience to our residents and leave our mark on their lives!

Coliving by BeeLive

At BeeLive, we’re reinventing shared accommodation for young active, friendly and curious people who have decided to live together in our shared houses. These houses are made up of large communal areas, but also pleasant private spaces. In fact, all our rooms have private shower rooms and toilets!

We also organise community events such as afterworks, dinners, etc. And to make the experience unique, we organise outings and trips for Beelivers to (re)discover France in a warm and authentic atmosphere.

Our vision of the community experience is to offer our residents the opportunity to focus on what’s essential: quality of life and social links. We therefore offer useful services, specific to coliving, to ensure that residents live together well. What’s more, the digitisation of administrative management makes it easier for you to create and set up your resident file.

At BeeLive, we’re convinced that life is better in a community, so join us for a unique living experience!

BeeLivers at Puy de Dôme

Life in Community

Our idea of shared living is to opt for a life experience, not just the simple sharing of rent and spaces that are not conducive to community living. Openness, respect for others, mutual help and conviviality are the key words.

In short, if you’re interested in other people and want to share some great times, come and join us!

To guarantee you a pleasant living environment, we have drawn up a set of house rules. Accepted and signed by each resident on arrival, they guarantee good relations between Beelivers. A cornerstone of a successful experience, they are based on Beelive’s values: respect for others, sharing, discovery and life experience.

What’s more, when you arrive, we’ll be there to help you settle in. After that, we’ll be there to meet your needs as best we can, as well as offering you outings and events to ensure you have the time of your life!

Our trips and outings are suggested, never imposed. Our aim is to enable you to discover or rediscover the regions where you live and much more besides! To make the community experience unforgettable, what could be better than going on an adventure with the other residents?

We’ll suggest events and co-organise them with you according to your wishes!

Co-optation: how to join coliving by Beelive?

Coliving at Beelive is an Affinity Coliving and represents an opportunity to experience an adventure with people who are right for you.

We take particular care in recruiting our residents. Our approach is based on cooptation. This age-old way of building a community encourages and often guarantees the success of community life. We use our expertise to select the right people to ensure that you have a superb experience!

First, you talk to the Beelive team. We explain the concept, our values and our organisation. Then we assess your motivation.
Once these points have been validated, we will examine your application as quickly as possible.

After that, you move in, which marks the start of the adventure!

BeeLivers Montferrand community

Where to find our shared homes

  • Lyon (coming soon)