I apply

Want to be part of the BeeLive adventure? It is here!
Fill in this form with all the necessary information. Then, when you have validated it, you will be redirected to a Calendly page to make an appointment with us 😉

How does it work ?


You apply

First, choose your house, then fill in the form for a pre-validation of your application by BeeLive.

We meet by videoconference

We will discuss your motivations and answer your questions. You can make a first visit of the house thanks to our Youtube link of virtual visit!

You meet the residents of the house to be coopted

In a video conference or in a real meeting, you and the current residents will make sure that you are made to live together!

Moving in and Onboarding!

Finally, sign the lease and the house rules, you are part of the Beelive community, all you have to do is settle in and enjoy!